Over the years, we at the Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney have made it our core mandate to help customers seeking compensation after personal injuries. These injuries are a result of wrongful death, car accidents, truck accidents, medical malpractice, among others. It is our core business to help you get such benefits through our very able and experienced legal team.  This article will provide more information on the same on the services we offer.

In Florida, everyday people get engaged in various economic activities to fend for their loved ones. During their daily activities, people are met with multiple dangers, which might lead to accidents and unexpected injuries. When someone is injured, they have the right to seek legal redress to ensure they are compensated. Our local Keystone Heights Personal Injury Attorney helps such victims by taking them through a smooth legal process.

Whether a victim has been injured by negligent or through willful conduct, lawyers from our firm have various tools at their disposal. The tools facilitate a smooth and informed legal process to ensure the rights of accident victims are observed and not violated.

People can be injured in very many ways. Our legal representatives have the experience needed in dealing with such cases. They assist by having the victims compensated for lost wages, medical costs, including other losses at that particular time. The most common types of injuries covered under the personal injury laws include:

  • Wrongful Death
  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Bus Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  1. Wrongful Death

Under Florida laws section 768.19, when a person’s death is caused by negligence, default, or any unlawful act, any person associated with the deceased has the right to bring a civil lawsuit in any of the courts in Florida. When the victim is not in a position to hire a lawyer, the courts might decide to hire one on their behalf to expedite any case brought before it.

Death of a loved one is always a blow to any family and especially if carelessness was the leading cause of the accident that led to their demise. Our team is made up of experienced Keystone Heights Personal Injury Attorneys to help the victim’s families go through this challenging moment smoothly. Our attorneys also ensure victims are compensated for burial, funeral expenses, and upkeep for those they leave behind.

  1. Car Accidents

When you get involved in a car accident, it is essential that you assess the damage and then try and find out the options on the table. A victim is allowed to file a claim under their insurance plan to get their medical bills paid. The suit also caters for any other losses incurred without assigning blame to any party in the accident. But if your case meets specific prerequisites, the victim can bring a claim against the person who caused the accident.

Car accidents are a common occurrence in Florida. Therefore, it is our core mandate to ensure that all types of injuries, whether they are minor or significant, are taken seriously. We handle the case to ensure you are paid your dues as the victim in the case. It is also essential to note that the process is completed within a short time.

  1. Truck Accidents

All trucking establishments in Florida are regulated by both federal and state of Florida laws. It follows that the state officials always check all activities that such companies are involved in. The checks ensure their activities do not cause any harm to anyone. For instance, the Florida Highway Patrol Office is tasked with enforcing the state trucking laws for the safety of everyone.

When you are involved in a greasy accident with a truck, understanding the legal process and seeking compensation from a trucking company can turn out to be a long battle. When such instances happen, the aggrieved should hire our legal services. This is necessary because we have a team that is experienced in such matters to determine a better outcome after a court battle.

  1. Pedestrian Accidents

According to Florida Statutes Section 316.130(15), a driver should exercise due care to avoid colliding with a pedestrian. Where possible, they also need to use proper precautions to prevent the occurrence of such accidents.

Also, pedestrians have particular roles as outlined in the law. In that, they must be cautious when crossing roads as well as when interacting with automobiles.

Collisions between an automobile and pedestrians are sometimes fatal and can also be traumatizing. In most cases, pedestrians are not protected, meaning they are exposed, and in case of an accident, they suffer the most losses. Our Keystone Heights Personal Injury Attorney can fight for compensation on all damages incurred, including medical bills, therapy costs, and loss of their present and future sources of income.

  1. Bus Accidents

A person who has been involved in a bus accident should first seek proper treatment from a recognized medical facility. This is the first step that every victim should take because delaying treatment might make the condition even worse. Also, medical documents will act as a form of evidence during your compensation case.

One should also ensure they notify the driver of the bus that they were part of those involved in the accident for record taking and keeping. Take photos and videos and talk to some of the people who witnessed the crash if you are in a position to do so. Once our team has all this evidence, we will be able to prepare a watertight case.

When one is involved in a bus accident, what follows after is a state of confusion on what procedures to follow before starting a claim case. Most bus accident will leave one injured physically, mentally, and emotionally. The unexpected medical bills are likely to leave one financially burdened. But the good news is that by seeking our services, one can win their legal battles and get various benefits.

Also, be ready for obstacles throughout the process primarily from the insurance companies involved in the legal suit. Insurance firms will ensure that they fight for your right to be compensated either by throwing your claim out or reducing the amount that should be given to you. After an accident has happened, insurance representatives will keep calling and asking you for a recorded statement. At no point, should one fall for their approaches but instead, ask them to talk to your lawyer. Giving a statement will provide them with a chance to twist your words, and the lower the probability of you winning the legal battle. Instead, direct them to your lawyer.

  1. Motorcycle Accidents

Over the years, researchers have found out that the state of Florida is among the top states when it comes to motorcycle accidents in the United States. In Florida, traffic jams are a common thing. However, the authorities have built great roads that are only dedicated to bike lovers to ease congestion hence reducing traffic.

Despite the statistics showing the high number of calamities in Florida cities, few riders usually follow traffic rules such as embracing the need to wear a helmet when riding. The statistics also show that only one in every five riders is insured. This is a clear indication that in case of an accident, very few riders will be able to be compensated by insurance firms.

Motorcycle accidents cause a heavy burden on the victims in terms of high hospital bills. At the same time, there are other financial constraints before one recover. Such financial constraints can ruin the financial status of a person, which is not that easy to recovers. We encourage our clients to engage our legal services for informed decisions and to determine the way forward.

According to Florida laws, motorcycle operators do not require Personal Injury Protection insurance. Fortunately, if an operator is negligent and causes an accident, the state gives one the right to hold them accountable for the loss incurred and also injuries sustained. Our team will successfully help you to sue dangerous riders, manufacturers who make faulty equipment, and the government for failing to repair and maintain the roadways.

For such parties to be brought to book, there is a need to engage our legal practitioners to take up your case. However, if you are planning to sue the government, the state of Florida has specific ways to get you compensated. Be assured you will benefit at the end of the process by seeking our services.

  1. Medical Malpractice

There are numerous ways through which the aspect of medical malpractice is explained. At the same time, a victim should keep in mind that not all mistakes that are made by a medical doctor or a nurse can be compensated. There must be proper procedures in place to determine whether there was a breach of the standard of care. The same methods further determine whether there was any mistake made. Typical instances of malpractice include:

  • Improper administration of anesthesia
  • Preventable harms that occurred while a patient was admitted to a hospital within Florida
  • Delayed or postponed diagnosis and misdiagnosis

Florida statutes allow for legal action against medical personnel by patients who were seriously harmed because of a neglect of duties or the carelessness of medical staff. By taking up such a complicated case by yourself, you have little chance to beat a prominent malpractice lawyer representing a hospital and the said medical practitioner. To avoid a malpractice case from being thrown out based on some technicalities, there is a need to engage our experienced Keystone Heights Personal Injury Attorney.

Types of Compensable Injuries

A person injured during their daily activities will want to know the cases considered for compensation and those that are not. Under Florida’s Workers Compensation laws, the following are the accepted cases:

  • Physical injuries that might lead to trauma
  • Occupational diseases
  • Repetitive stress abrasions
  • Physical-mental abrasions
  • Mental-physical abrasions

Physical Injuries that Might Lead to Trauma

Injuries that are a product of accidents are the easiest to identify and prove when seeking damages. This is because there are physical injuries, and this helps a lot when a case is being determined.

Occupational Diseases

These types of illnesses are gotten when one is exposed to contaminated air, dangerous chemicals, and much noise. The diseases then result in loss of hearing when one is exposed for a very long time. Also, certain types of cancers are included.

Repetitive Stress Abrasions

There are specific types of illnesses that have no link to any particular event, but they develop over time. They include tendinitis and all other types of orthopedic conditions.

Physical-Mental Abrasions

An employer who is physically harmed when doing their job is liable for compensation for any mental side effects. This is possible if the condition is scientifically proven. Such conditions include depression and anxiety.

Mental-Physical Abrasions

When one loses a job, and the unfolding events stress them, this might lead to a heart attack. If this is proven, one can be paid for damages if proper evidence is brought in a court of law.

How Our Personal Injury Attorneys Will Help You

A personal injury attorney is key in protecting your rights and ensuring that you are able to navigate the laws. Personal injury laws are complex, and you will need an experienced attorney to help you. For instance, you need to file a claim under the specific statute of limitations (depending on each case) so that your claim can be accepted.

Furthermore, you are likely to suffer injuries that will require hospitalization or regular medical check-ups. You don’t want the complexity of navigating the law to add up on the pressure and stress of recovering from your injuries. Thus, we will save you this hassle by doing everything possible to let you focus on getting better. In short, we aim at ensuring you get fair compensation without the many challenges that a person would go through when trying to seek compensation.

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