Many types of accidents can lead to catastrophic or very serious injuries. Catastrophic injury may affect the normal functioning of your body and is likely to change your life forever. When you get an injury as a result of another person’s negligence, it is essential to have an attorney to stand by you to protect your rights. Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney provides free consultations and guides you through the process of seeking compensation. This will give you a chance to focus on your recovery from the injury rather than pursue compensation. We are dedicated to providing you with a chance of getting fair compensation for your injuries.

What is a Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophic injury is any physical injury or illness that is serious of particularly extreme. These injuries may have a considerable effect on your life. Also, you will require extensive medical treatment. Catastrophic injuries may either be permanent or so severe that they take longer to heal. Some of these injuries have physical and emotional effects which last for a lifetime.

Catastrophic injuries include:

  • Brain injuries

  • Spinal code injuries

  • Extensive burns

  • Severe lung Injuries

  • Amputations

  • Injury causing blindness

These injuries are likely to affect other body systems like the respiratory, reproductive, and nervous systems. There isn’t a particular accident that determines a catastrophic injury; but rather, the severity of the injuries determines its nature. A Catastrophic injury can be caused by automobile accidents, defective products, toxic substances as well as medical malpractice. If another person is liable for these injuries, you are entitled to seek compensation by filing a personal injury claim. Even in the cases where you are partially at fault for your injuries, you can still receive compensation. Whether you are partly at fault or not at fault, it is crucial to seek legal representation from a personal injury attorney. The attorney will evaluate your situation and push for fair compensation.

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are among the most severe injuries that result from serious accidents, medical malpractice, and defective products. If you suffer a brain injury, you will be faced with both physical and psychological challenges, thus reducing your quality of life. Traumatic injuries on your brain can be a result of a hard impact or activities that deprive your brain of oxygen. Common causes of brain injuries are;

  1. Slip and fall injuries. Failing to repair broken floors or mop up wet surfaces can cause a fall. You can suffer a severe injury on your skull due to the impact. When this happens, the individual responsible for taking care of the area (your employer) is liable for your injuries.

  2. Gunshot wounds. If you get shot on the head, the damage may be fatal. If you happen to survive, the outcome may be long-lasting damage in your brain. When an individual carelessly stores their gun, and a child plays with it, they are liable for the accident the child may suffer.

  3. Medical malpractice. Sometimes surgeries may go wrong, such as when a doctor fails to apply anesthesia. As a result, your brain is deprived of oxygen, thus affecting its proper functioning. You are entitled to file for a compensation claim against doctors and hospitals who perform these surgeries.

  4. Motor vehicle accidents. When you are involved in a car accident, your head may strike the walls of the car. Also, the forward and awkward movement caused by sudden movements can cause injuries to your brain and other body parts.

  5. Defective products. Whether the product is food or equipment, a defective product can cause severe damage to your brain. The manufacturers of these products as well as individuals that fail to maintain them may be held liable for the brain injuries you suffer from the defective products.

When someone else is responsible for your injuries, you have the right to seek compensation. The compensation you receive after a brain injury will depend on the severity and impact of the injury. If you or your loved one suffers a brain injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, you should speak to a personal injury attorney immediately because brain injuries may affect your ability to retain memories and keep the new ones.

In addition, severe brain damage can impair your motor and speech skills. When the brain damage makes it impossible for you to return to your job, you are entitled to vocational rehabilitation. This will help you learn new skills and help you compete in the job market. You are also entitled to get medical benefits. Most traumatic brain injury victims will require lifelong neuropsychological treatment.

When your injuries make you mentally incapable of making sound decisions, you are entitled to get paid for assisted living and homecare workers. With the help of your personal injury attorney, you can have better chances of getting all the medical benefits. This will help you achieve maximum recovery.

When an individual dies as a result of the brain injury, their spouse and immediate family can claim compensation for wrongful death. Although the compensation for death will not bring back the deceased, it can pay for funeral expenses and replace lost income.

Injuries Resulting in Amputations and Disfigurement

Amputation is defined as a loss of a body part, mostly a finger, leg, or arm, which results from an accident or illness. If you are involved in a serious accident and lose a major body part like the limb, this is known as a traumatic amputation injury. The severity of the amputation injuries, as well as the recovery time, will depend on the affected part. In some cases, even when a part such as a toe or a finger has been amputated, proper medical attention can help in reattachment. However, if you suffer traumatic amputation, the limb cannot get attached.

It is unfortunate that even an accident that does not seem too severe can lead to an amputation. Some of the accidents that can lead to traumatic amputations include:

  • Lawnmower accidents

  • Heavy machinery accidents from the workplace

  • Car accidents

  • Pedestrian accidents

  • Construction accidents

  • Premises liability cases

Although you can survive with prosthetics, you may have to learn the most basic skills like walking or even coming your hair.

Disfigurement, on the other hand, is damage or scaring of skin, muscles, body tissues, and bones. Often, disfigurement presents outward visible damage as well as immense pain to the victim. The common incidents that would cause you permanent disfigurement are dog bites. In this case, the owner of the dog will be held responsible for any scarring on the damage you suffer. Chemical substances and defective cosmetics can also lead to damage, which is only correctable by plastic surgeries.

Both amputation and permanent disfigurement are catastrophic injuries that require lifelong rehabilitation. If you suffer these injuries, you will need medical equipment, medications, and psychological care. If you suffer amputation or disfigurement as a result of someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to sue them for compensation. Proving fault for these accidents can be challenging. Thus, it is vital to seek legal representation to raise your chances of receiving fair compensation.

In Florida, you have four years to file a claim for injuries resulting from negligence. On the other hand, the statute of limitations for medical malpractice is two years. When you file a compensation claim, damages will get awarded based on the percentage of fault. A successful personal injury claim after amputation will make you receive compensation for present and future medical expenses, lost wages, and loss of quality of life. Furthermore, you will receive vocational rehabilitation benefits if your amputation injuries result in a disability. This will help you acquire new skills to facilitate finding a job that suits your condition.

Extensive Burn Injuries

The skin is the largest organ of our bodies, and it protects all your life-saving organisms. Severe burns can have severe effects on the skin that could leave you in pain, scarred, disabled, or even dead. If someone’s negligence caused your burn injury, you can sue them for compensation. Your potential settlement is determined by where and how the accident happened. In addition, the part of your body that suffered the burn and the percentage of liability of the other party will be considered during the compensation settlement.

Here are some ways in which these extensive burns can occur:

  • Structural fire

  • Defective industrial products and equipment

  • Flammable materials

  • Gas explosions

  • Automobile accidents

  • Defective household products

Severe burn injuries could lead to other medical complications such as kidney failure, bloodstream infections, and bacterial infections. This makes these injuries fatal and life-changing for the victim. When you suffer these injuries, you are likely to spend much time seeking medical attention and recovering. If you or your loved one suffers severe burns, consider hiring a personal injury attorney to help you claim your compensation.

Under Florida law, you have to establish that you were injured. You must also prove that the respondent caused your injuries. To do this, you need to show that the defendant did owe you a duty of care. For example, if your injury took place at work, your boss has to ensure that the environment you work in is safe.

If the respondent breached that duty and the act directly caused your burn injuries, you are entitled to compensation. Pain and suffering surrounding a burn victim are higher compared to other victims. Therefore, large settlements result from these injuries. However, it can be challenging to navigate burn injury claims. You will want help from a personal injury lawyer to represent you.

If you can establish that your burn injuries resulted from an individual or company’s negligence, Florida personal injury laws will allow you to get compensated for: medical bills from all the burn-related injuries lost wages and salaries as well as payment for pain and suffering. In the case where the respondent caused you harm intentionally, there is no punitive damage limitation. However, the punitive injuries are allowed if the damage was not purposeful, but they were aware of the risk.

Under Statute Section 768.19, the personal representative can claim compensation if an individual succumbs to death as a result of burn injuries. The survivors allowed by law to claim compensation on behalf of the deceased are a surviving spouse, children of the deceased, parents of a minor, and parents of adult children when there aren’t any other survivors.

Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord is a very vital part of our bodies. It holds our bodies together for mobility and allows the brain to send messages to other parts of the body. Severe consequences can happen when accidents cause damage to the spinal cord. Depending on the severity of the injuries, you may have difficulty performing any physical activities if you suffer a spinal injury. Additionally, the pain associated with these injuries is immense. You may have to deal with the problem for the rest of your life since most spinal cord injuries cannot be cured.

Most of the consequences associated with spinal cord injuries are devastating. However, the inability to compete in the job market and keep employment can take a toll on your life. The common types of spinal cord injuries are:

  • Central code syndrome. This type of injury involves damage of the spinal cord around the cervical area. This injury is often caused by medical malpractice, and faulty products meant for the reproductive system. A doctor owes you a duty to ensure you are not harmed when getting medical attention. If medical malpractice causes a spinal cord injury, you are entitled to compensation.

  • Compression. Compression is damage of the spinal cord resulting from pressure applied to the spinal cord. This may be a result of carrying heavy loads, getting hit by heavy machinery as well as motor vehicle accidents. If this happens to you, you can sue the liable individual for compensation.

  • Lacerations. This injury occurs when the spinal cord is severed or suffer tears. Lacerations can occur due to motor vehicle accidents, gunshots, or even invasive surgeries.

  • Contusion. This type of damage occurs when the spinal cord is bruised and can be a result of industrial accidents or errors in medical procedures. In this case, the doctor who carried out the procedure is liable for your injuries.

Depending on which part of your spinal cord is injured, the damage may be a complete or incomplete injury. People who suffer complete injury cannot control their extremities and will need to depend on other people. If you experience a spinal cord injury as a result of carelessness or negligence of another individual, you are entitled to receive compensation.

Signs of spinal cord trauma can include:

  • Severe headaches

  • Unconsciousness

  • Inability to control your bowel movement

  • Numbness spreading through the body

  • Difficulties in functioning sexually

  • Paralysis

  • Trouble breathing

You will be spending time in and out of the hospital if you suffer a permanent spinal cord injury. Additionally, you will need to modify your home and hire specialized caregivers.

Spinal cord injury victims are likely to suffer emotional and mental inability due to the drastic change in lifestyle. This can be portrayed by periods of anxiety and depression in an attempt to adjust to their new life. Spinal cord injuries are serious. Hence, you need to seek help from a competent personal injury attorney for fair compensation.

If your spinal cord injury compensation claim is successful, you will receive payments for medical bills. The compensation will cater to medical costs both at the time of injury, as well as any future medical treatment resulting from the injury. You will also get compensation for lost wages and future earning capacity. This is because most victims of spinal injuries cannot go back to their jobs. Since your quality of life is reduced, the individual liable for your injuries will cater for additional care costs. Spinal cord injuries cause immense pain both emotionally and physically; thus, your attorney can help you acquire compensation for the pain and suffering you undergo.

Severe Lung Injuries

The lungs are an unprotected part of our bodies. This makes them susceptible to injury and damage. The lung injuries occur when you experience a blow to your chest. Anything that puts excess pressure or penetrates your chest can cause serious injury. Here are some accidents that cause traumatic lung injuries

  • Car accidents that cause pressure on your chest

  • Slip and fall accidents resulting from slippery and poorly maintained floors

  • Sport injuries

These accidents cause physical injuries to the lungs. Additionally, grave lung injuries can be connected to complications when breathing that results from exposure to harmful particles. You can suffer severe lung injuries after exposure to aerosols, dust from paper mills, mold, bacteria, asbestos, and chemical substances. Traumatic lung injuries are categorized into

Collapsed lung Injury

This is caused by trauma that causes fluid to form around the lung. The collapsed lung injury causes pain and tightening due to extreme pressure. The common symptoms are painful cough, sharp chest pain, as well as shallow breathing. Collapsed lung injury may be a result of long term inhalation of harmful chemicals and gases.

Hemo thoracic injury

This type of injury is caused by traumatic strikes on your chest that cause blood to clot between the lungs and chest walls. The injuries are associated with chest pains, shortness of breath, and low blood pressure.

Penetrating lung injuries

These injuries are prevalent in motor vehicle accidents. It occurs when a sharp object enters the body and pierces the lungs. The injuries have an ability to cause serious damage to your airways and blood vessels in the lungs. If the accident that causes your lung injury was caused by the negligence of another individual, you are entitled to compensation.

Getting back to your normal health after a lung injury is emotionally and financially draining. These injuries are likely to leave you incapable of working. Therefore, it is important to have a personal injury attorney to guide you through the claim process.

Injury-Causing Blindness

Eye injuries are quite common. Most of these injuries result in irritation, bruising, or even blindness. The eyes are quite fragile; that’s why an eye injury may leave you devastated. If you or your loved one suffers an eye injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, you have a chance to claim compensation. Here are some forms of accidents that result in blindness:

  • Bright Lights. Long term exposure to bright lights can cause either temporary or permanent blindness. If you work in an environment with bright lights, you are entitled to protection from damage caused by this equipment.

  • Accidents. You may suffer eye injuries during an assault attack or motor vehicle accidents. The trauma to the head caused by these accidents may cause a permanent loss of your eyesight.

  • Dangerous chemicals. Exposure to strong harmful chemicals can cause serious burns to your eyes.

  • Small particles. Although the eyes are structured to protect themselves foreign objects, it is still possible for these particles to enter and damage the eyeball.

The consequences of eye injuries are serious and can last a lifetime. When you file a compensation claim, the amount you get will depend on the severity of the damages and the duration the effect will last. If you lose eyesight, you may not be able to go back to your original employment. You are retitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages as well as payment for pain and suffering.

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