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What Are the Different Kinds of Car Accident Liability Claims?

19 May, 2023

After a car accident, you are entitled to file a liability claim to receive the settlement you deserve. If another individual's negligence resulted in your injuries or the loss of a loved one in a car crash, you could be entitled to compensation under...

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Who Is at Fault in a T-Bone Collision?

05 May, 2023

Several parties can share the blame for causing a T-bone car collision as per the provisions of Florida's comparative fault law. These parties could include the motorist involved in the accident, the car manufacturer, or any other road user who was not...

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Liability in Dog Bite

14 Apr, 2023

Dogs make excellent pets. They are called man’s best friend. Nonetheless, sometimes a dog can attack you causing severe injuries, psychological trauma, or even death. The...

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Signs That You May Have PTSD After An Auto Accident 

13 Mar, 2023

Millions of people are involved in motor vehicle crashes annually. In 2020, almost forty thousand individuals lost their lives in car accidents, while...

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